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From the past to the present, Iran has been a leader in the production of nuts such as almonds, pistachios and raisins due to their unique quality and taste. Our ancestors in different parts of the Iranian plateau made great efforts to cultivate, introduce and supply a variety of nuts to the surrounding lands, so that today Iran is known as the main source of environmental products such as pistachios and raisins.
Iran, the country with four seasons climate can produce and cultivate many agricultural products. The Carnila brand, with its great efforts for the international sale of authentic Iranian nuts, tries to link the past to the present in order to be able to carry out this historic mission inherited from our ancestors as carefully as possible and to present it to future generations.
In all these years, although other countries such as the United States and Turkey claimed the international sale of original nuts in the world, but in terms of quality and taste, they could never compete with nuts produced in Iran, the country that its climate is compatible with the product. It should never be forgotten that if today the United States is known as one of the major producers of pistachios in the world, the seeds of this crop have reached that country from Iran, and in fact all original Iranian products are offered by this country to all countries of the world. Although Iran is not the only producer of pistachios and raisins in the world, but has a relatively significant share in international sales of these products.
Also, the historical mission of the Carnila brand to connect the past with the present makes the cultivation of these products in the country with the least human intervention.
Experienced international export experts in Pardis Bagh Aryaie Company (Carnila) are always ready to respond their esteemed customers about how to register and place their order in terms of procurement & international collaboration. By studying the different parts of the site and get to know all types of nuts, produced by the company, You can contact our experts for more information. In order to improve the response method, we have prepared a form for registering the initial order, which you can inform our experts about your order and request by filling in the clauses of this form, the relevant partners will be in touch with you after receiving it.

Order Customization:

According to our experience and knowledge in terms of Export, in order to meet our customer's demand and expectations, we are able to provide the best quality and packaging in products we offer, considering different types and packing.

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International and Domestic shipping a dedicated support unit that manages all logistics aspects of orders including live tracking of the shipments.

International Financial Management:

In our International branches in China, Bulgaria, Istanbul and Dubai deliver an easy and seamless contracting and payment process.

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